All we want is Hope: When Marnie Was There Review

I have to admit, I associated anime with childish cartoons, over-the-top action and cheesy plot lines that only attracted social discards. Having said that I was always aware of the fandom that amine had. The amount of films, cosplays, films and TV shows only pointed at the awesome grip that this had on cinema goers. So needless to say ‘When Marnie Was There‘ was my first anime and I must say that I’m impressed. From a Hiromasa Yonebayashi, who has directed other, universally well acclaimed anime, comes a story of a misfit girl Anna, sent to countryside for health reasons.

The story included flashbacks, visions and a girl named Marnie. It was quite intriguing to see who Marnie really is, is she a ghost? A spirit? A fragment of Ana’s imagination? Who is she, you wish for Anna’s sake that she is real, as she is the only friend she’s got. Eventually what starts off as a standard story line escalates to a much passionate ending. On the other hand, Marnie’s story line was far more touching, the torments she’s put through, the cruelties she has to bear connects you with her on a much deeper level. You can help but feel sorry for her as her back-story is revealed. The final revelation is very emotional and the complexity of the story line, leads to a much grounded, heartfelt message.

For me, it was a message of hope that no matter how much of an outcast you think you are, how much you feel alone, there is hope. You are not alone, someone is watching out for you. It makes you closer with your family, the ones who are here and ones that are not. Ending left me with mixed feeling, while I was glad to see Anna happy and finally smiling, Marnie’s story left me feeling sad. The fact that she was always smiling and making the most of what she’s got makes you like her even more. The fact that this is based on a novel that came out in 1967 only highlights the fact that us humans crave human connection, we want to be belonged, and this movie connects with audience 47 years after the novel came out.

Still From When Marnie Was There It taught me to be happy with my life, the way it is, and always have hope. Also, it taught me to never judge a book by its cover.

4 Well Deserving Stars!


Hopes For Inferno

If you are a big fan of Dan Brown’s novels featuring Robert Langdon, then chances are that you weren’t quite satisfied by big screen adaptations of The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. Brown’s novels are great, filled with so much information that I have to constantly search buildings, artworks or any other facts that he mentions in the story. Film adaptations however are pale in comparison, only saving grace is Tom Hanks, as the Harvard professor.

Now Rom Howard is adapting his latest novel, Inferno. Here are somethings I’d wish they’d consider.

Invest some time in script.

It’s a no brainer really, When you read any one of Brown’s novels, its pretty obvious that he has taken his time to do all the research, think of a story and write it. Inferno comes 5 years after The Lost Symbol, that’s more or less 5 years worth of research, thinking and writing up a great story. Even if Howard’s team takes half the time to write the script we’ll have a great film to watch.

Don’t change the story

Dan Brown’s avid readers come to watch the film for the story, so why alter it? Ending of Angels and Demons was slightly altered. I didn’t like it, and I’m sure many didn’t. Plus people haven’t read the novel and don’t plan to will miss out on the chance to experience the ‘real’ story.

Inferno is important

If you’ve read Inferno, you know that it comes with a very important social message about over population. World needs to hear the facts, fear the repercussions and see this story. Like Interstellar, Inferno can make you think about our actions as species. Mediocrity will kill the film and the chance for people to hear this valuable message.

Get the casting right

Women in Dan Brown’s novels are strong characters. On screen they come across somewhat that, for which I’ll blame casting. Tom Hanks is a two-time Oscar winner, anyone standing next to him on-screen will be over shadowed by his presence, let alone the fact that Robert Langdon is a genius in his field. Ayelet Zurer as Vittoria Vetra in Angels and Demons and Audrey Tautou as Sophie Neveu in Da Vinci Code fail in living up to the characters in the novels. Rumors are the Felicity Jones is to star opposite Hanks in Inferno, for films’ sake I hope its true. 

Be as real as possible

Last thing I want is this film to come across as a fiction. Its written realistically and should come across as real. Because only if its real, people will relate to it.

I’m sure the the makers do want to make the best film possible and as Dan Brown’s fan I want to see one. So here’s wishing for a kick ass Robert Langdon film!

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