Wanna win an Oscar?

Oscars are almost here. People are making predictions on who’s going to win. To make well informed predictions, we need to look back at the trend. More specifically, trend for Best Actor Male. Colin Firth won for playing King George VI, Jean Dujardin for The Artist, Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln  and Matthew McConaughey for playing Ron Woodroof.

Notice the trend?

Out these 4 wins, 3 were playing a real life person. Each movie based on a certain predicament in the person’s life. If we look at this year’s and last year’s best actor nominees alone, seven out of ten nominations are for characters based on real life person. That’s 70% of the nominees. This year, Michael Keaton is the odd one out for being nominated for a fictional character. Last seen in 2010, when Javier Bardem was the only one nominated for a fictional character. So I guess it’s safe to say that actors playing a real person have an upper hand at best actor nods. One of the reason could also well be that Hollywood is producing far more ‘based on true events’ stories, featuring real life persons. Maybe as audience it is interesting to see on screen what we heard about in the news perhaps, as if  to see history come to live on the big screen.

Actors winning for playing a real person isn’t a new thing, first Oscar given for the same was in 1929/ 30. Be it Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle or Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort, it’s a trend far more common these days. This in a way immortalizes the crisis that the character went though, how else would we have known about Ron Woodroof’s story or King George’s vocal training. Also, what are the chances that people knew much about the legal troubles that Facebook once faced.  What’s more, Daniel Day-Lewis who holds the record for winning 3 best actor Oscars won 2 for biopics. Coming to this year’s show, people who have seen Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal of Steven Hawkins are raving about his fantastic performance. So his Oscar win won’t come as a surprise. Making a hat trick of Oscar-winning performances based on real person, following Day-Lewis and McConaughey, which will be a first. Also his chances of winning are increasing as he picks up best actor at the Golden Globes and BAFTAs.

So therefore to win an Oscar all you’ve got to do is star in a biopic, simple right?!

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