International Language of Entertainment

Recently I was on a 10 hour flight. Needless to say, flights without in-flight entertainment can be boring. I usually opt for more light, comedy content on flight. Friends episodes are mostly my favorites. Now with comedies like Modern Family and Veep it just keeps on getting better. With so many options now available in terms of genre, language, movies, music, TV shows, documentaries to name a few. Things never looked better for in-flight entertainment.

Everyone on a plane has one thing in common, they are on boarded a plane going to the same place and boarded the same flight. We also have the same content available to watch. The way that I see it, when we are in a fight that becomes our world, we are separated for the world beneath us. One thing is same in both the worlds, is that someone somewhere is watching the same thing as you. They might not have anything else in common with you other than the fact they their idea of entertainment is same as you, they laugh at the same thing or have the same interest in films. Being on a plane also brings a diverse range of people together and we connect on small things like that. You might not see anyone from that flight again but just the feeling that they have seen the same film as you, makes the experience surreal. All this has made the world a whole lot smaller. Now more than ever movies, TV shows or any form of entertainment has become an international language of entertainment.