For the love of movies

I love films, I always have.

Having seen countless films, I felt a need to let my opinion out there for everyone to read. Nothing makes me more happy than having watched a good film. I feel like giggling like a little girl, want to get on the roof and scream and shout and let everyone know what I have just witnessed. Nothing gets me down as much when my expectations of a film are not met. For films, are a means of escape, indulge and to lose yourself in the world created by artists, both on and off screen. There are so many aspects through which you can critically analyse a movie, be it pre-production elements or post, but for me only one thing and only one thing matters and that is how it makes you feel. Feeling is something that can not be taught and feeling is something that people relate to. It is this that makes us unique. Movies evoke different feelings and feelings makes us.

I love films, I always will.

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